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  • The Sacrament of BAPTISM is celebrated on the SUNDAYS after the 11:00 mass. Parents desiring Baptism for their children are encouraged to contact the rectory office (215-334-1035).

Adults Seeking Baptism


  • The Rite of Christian Initiation is a way of introducing and preparing those who wish to be baptized. An additional gathering is available for those baptized but desire to become Catholic. Sacramental Instruction: is available to all who are baptized but seeking Confirmation & Eucharist. R.C.I.A. Instruction is held on Wednesday nights @ 7:00 p.m. Contact Father Casey at (215) 334-1035 ext. 200


Click to visit the R.C.I.A. page


  • Engaged couples are advised to call the rectory at least six months in advance of the wedding date.

To help we have included a link below for the Guidelines for Weddings in PDF format for you to download and print out. 

Click to Download Guidelines for Weddings PDF


  • Is celebrated by the church to strengthen a sick person spiritually and physically. Anyone wishing to receive the Sacrament should contact Fr. Casey at (215) 334-1035 ext. 200


  • The Sacrament of RECONCILIATION  is available in the Lower Church on Saturdays from 4:00 pm until 4:30 pm. You can also make an appointment with Fr. Casey at the Rectory.