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P.R.E.P. (formally known as CCD) is a religious education program available to parish children from Level 1 through Level 8. Through P.R.E.P., our parish provides education in the faith for those unable to benefit from the Catholic school system. The program is staffed by the D.R.E. with volunteer catechists (teachers, co-teachers and aides) sought from the congregation. Catechists must be confirmed Catholics, high school graduates, with no canonical impediments to the sacraments. Aides may be under 18 and currently in high school. All instruction is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. Texts used are in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and approved for use in the Diocese of Philadelphia.

Important P.R.E.P. Changes

This year there will be a new D.R.E. (Marie Milano) and she will be mailing registration packets to current P.R.E.P. families shortly informing everyone of the changes…
Inquiries about the program can be directed to her email: or her phone: 215-465-2336 or use the form below.

Click to View & Print Registration Form