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Our Mission

Baptized into Christ Jesus,

  • We the people of Epiphany Parish in South Philadelphia are called to receive life and to give life.
  • We respond by embracing life in Christ: a life of faith, hope and love and sharing it in community.

Affirming Our Baptism,

  • We give God our Father worship and gratitude through, with and in Jesus.
  • We proclaim a life of forgiveness of sin and healing reconciliation with the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit in us. From the Father and the Son, we accept the challenge to proclaim the Kingdom of God already in our midst, serve each others’ needs and get ready for the return of the Lord in glory.

This Commits Us to be an Active Parish of Active Catholics.

  • Telling others the Good News whose name is Jesus Christ;
  • Celebrating the presence and the power of the Risen Jesus by a sacramental life, especially joining in the Lord’s Supper on the Lord’s Day;
  • Listening to God’s Word in Scripture reading and in the preaching ministry then answering by prayer and action;
  • Growing in holiness born of continual conversion from sin to the Lord;
  • Uniting with our Holy Father, the Pope, our Archbishop and parish priests who lead us in Catholic teaching, prayer and holiness;
  • Recognizing the rightful role of lay people in church ministries and welcoming their active participation;
  • Accepting responsibility for building God’s Kingdom of justice and peace;
  • Reaching out to the needy by endless acts of Christian compassion and charity;
  • Instilling Christian values in our children by living a Christian family life and through parish religious education.

Like the wise men journeying to find Jesus, may the Lord of Light guide us on our journey, “Seeking the Light…Sharing Him”

Prayer for rekindling our baptismal call: God who dwells within us, may we never feel spiritually lost in doubt, adrift in illness or overwhelmed in the face of death. Let our baptismal regeneration inspire us in a new appreciation for our baptismal dignity. May this new appreciation not lead us to vanity but to a solidly abiding zeal for God’s house. May this zeal be as firmly rooted within us as God’s presence is rooted in the souls of the baptized. May our awareness of our baptismal dignity enhance the quality of our worship, our family and community life, our zeal for evangelization and our challenge to teach and serve. Amen.