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Today’s Scripture

Friday, March 24, 2023

Jesus is drawing to the end of his earthly mission. His disciples have been accompanying him for almost three years. And here once again they see Jesus showing divine knowledge: he knew how Lazarus’s sickness would end, and he knew, without any need for a messenger, when Lazarus had died. And yet, even at this late point in his ministry, after three years of continually witnessing Christ’s miracles, and experiencing his divine wisdom, his disciples still don’t understand him; they still don’t know their Lord. They still misconstrue his words they think he’s talking about normal sleep when he is really talking about death. They still doubt his good sense and power they try to dissuade him from returning to Jerusalem, where
his enemies lurk. After all this time and experience, they just don’t get it. Any lesser Lord would have long ago given up on these slow and artless followers, but not Jesus. He is a Lord who serves his subjects, teaching them and guiding them to the fullness of life with tireless patience. The needier they are, the more attentive he is, and the more eager to give them whatever it takes to help them believe in, trust, and follow him. And aren’t we just like the Apostles? We have been Christians for so long heard so many sermons and received Holy Communion so often. And yet, in the
middle of life’s ups and downs, we still find it hard to figure out what God is asking of us. In the middle of life’s temptations, we still find it hard to trust Him enough to follow his will instead of our whims. But he hasn’t given up on us, and he never will. Our Lord is truly Lord, but he is a Lord who rules by love.

Please pray for our sick that they may receive Gods healing strength: Teresa Morone, Albert Ferranti, Marisa Della Pia, Joanne Malfara, Dom Dinella, Sarah Wallace, Marie Devlin, James Curci, Susan and Frank Addis, Eileen McClain, Grace Jones, Brian Ligato, Danielle Peters, Marie and Hugh Quigley, Geraldine DiDonato, Pam Casey, Patrick Connors, Gerri LiberatoAbbott, Louie DiBruno, Michael Cornaglia, Sr., Karen Specht, Angel Scorza, Tom and Linda Sammaritano, Sister Peg, Stephanie Sinex, Shawn Keefe, Maria Dattilo, Carmella Poukish, Ashleigh Leone, Tommy Van Horn Jr., Fr. Casey, Mary Young, Rose Campolongo, Landon Reid, Vickie Ann Owens, Diana Severio